Dance Ministry

davonnesolo.gifMinister of Dance
DaVonne Miller
Dancers of Judah

Let them praise His name in dance.
Psalm: 149:3

Over the years, the desire to lift Him up and exalt Him in the dance has reached a new level. It has become a ministry, not a performance. At times, it is an opportunity for us to come together as one to dance for Him, and at other times it is an opportunity to dance with Him. Many have testified how the Lord has used Dancers of Judah to touch them, to speak to them, and to bring deliverance and restoration to their lives.

The Holy Spirit has honored our team by taking a group of very different members with very different giftings and bringing us into a beautiful unity of vision, purpose and spirit. We are blessed that The Spirit has accepted our service and commitment, and is willing to use us to minister His peace, love and power to any who will receive.

Dancers of Judah has had the opportunity to minister not only for our local congregation, but also to congregations in other houses and even outside the walls of churches at retreats, conferences and presentations.

Our vision is to usher in the presence of the Lord and to see captives set free–free from the bondage of sin. We want to dance under the anointing because it is the anointing, not the dancer that breaks all bondages.